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North Goa

Fontainhas is beautiful not only for its architectural design, but also for its natural surroundings. It is bordered on the east by the creek of Ourem and on the West by the Altinho hill. Apart from its old world charm there are a number of art galleries spread across Fontainhas. Fontainhas is said to have got its name from the Fountain of Pheonix spring near the Maruti temple, which is further down the district. The area is notable for the Chapel of St Sebastian which was built it 1818. This chapel can be seen in the 360 above. The Chapel contains a striking lifelike crucifix, which once hung in the Palace of the Inquisition in Old Goa. The image of Christ, on the crucifix has its eyes open. This unusual feature is thought to have been created to put fear into the minds of those being interrogated by the Inquisitors. This old quater has a number of narrow lanes and overhanging balconies of the ancient Portuguese style houses making it an ideal place to take a leasure walk.

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