Reis Magos



Distance from Panjim: 
7 km
North Goa

The Reis Magos Fort in Goa stands on a hill overlooking the Reis Magos Church and the Mandovi river. The first incarnation of this fort was a military outpost, built in 1493 by the Adil Shahi Sultanate of Bijapur. When the Sultanate was defeated by the Portuguese, a fort was constructed in 1551 to be the first line of defense for the then capital, Velha Goa. The Reis Magos Fort was initially used to house Viceroys and other dignitaries who were arriving from or departing to Portugal. However, with the threat of invasion from neighboring Indian states, the fort became a military stronghold and was used to repel various enemies attacks. Post the liberation of Goa from the Portuguese rule the fort served little purpose and by 1993 had started showing signs of neglect and deterioration. This is when the late Mario Miranda, who was the convener of Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage(INTACH), approached Lady Hamlyn of the Helen Hamlyn trust(HHT) to fund the restoration of the fort. The fort was restored and opened to the public on the 5th of June 2012, since then it has attracted numerous visitors. Today the fort can be visited by paying a small entry fee.

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