St Augustine Church ruins



Distance from Panjim: 
8 km
North Goa
Old Goa

Standing on Holy Hill (Monte Santo) is the remains of the Church of St Augustine. All that’s left today of theSt Augustine Church in Old Goa is the 46m-high bell tower, without the bell that can be seen from some distance and attract attention of visitors.This tower and St Augustine Church was build in 1602 by the St. Augustinian Friars. The Friars of Augustinian Order arrivd in goa in 1572 and built a small convent on holy hill and later it was enlarged. In 1835 this complex was abandoned due to the expulsion of the religious orders from Goa and the Portuguese Government ordered its demolition. In 1846 the main vault of the Church collapsed and the convent rapidly decayed. The valuable articles belonging to the religious complex were either sold or lost, being nowadays dispersed over many churches in Goa. The bell from the tower was initially taken to Fort aguada and later in 1871 was shifted to the Church of Our lady of immaculate Conception church in Panjim where itfunctions till today. The archaeological survey of India has been carrying out scientific clearance of the ruins since 1998 and simultaneous conservation of the site.

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